hollywood bowl transportation

Bike to the Bowl, Get Free Ice Cream

The Hollywood Bowl is sponsoring its first Bike to the Bowl event this Sunday for the Janelle Monae concert. Participants can take advantage of a free bicycle valet and more importantly, free ice cream!

The ice cream is appropriately being supplied by LA’s own Peddler’s Creamery. I don’t know which flavors they are taking along to the Bowl, but the list of flavors on their website includes Pancake Batter and Mexican Chocolate, and for that they should be commended. Riders can show their bicycle valet ticket for their free scoop. Metro riders get a free scoop too, just show your Tap card! Continue Reading

Whatever you do, do NOT park at the actual Bowl.

That is the most essential of all the Hollywood Bowl parking tips I could ever give you. Park at Hollywood and Highland, park at the nice church that doesn’t have stacked parking, or better yet take the subway, a Park and Ride bus or the Hollywood Bowl Shuttle. Continue reading

Let a Bus Take You to the Bowl

I don’t know what we did before we discovered Hollywood Bowl Park and Ride. The bus fare is reasonable, and they leave everywhere from Chatsworth to Torrance to Arcadia. Not to mention, they let you kick back and drink wine with abandon once you get to the show. It’s a pretty smooth operation, but you can still benefit from our hard-learned Hollywood Bowl Park and Ride tips. Continue reading