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Barry Gibb Concert Review

Barry Gibb at the Hollywood Bowl – June 4, 2014

red and black sign accompanying barry gibb on his emotional solo tour

It eventually got dark.

A preamble to this highly biased Barry Gibb concert review: I love all things Bee Gees. I love the early stuff. I love the disco years. I love Robin’s quavering tremolo. I love Andy Gibb. I love Barry’s shiny jacket in the video for Stayin’ Alive. I love that Maurice’s name is pronounced “Morris.” I love it ALL. So the chances of me disliking Barry Gibb’s first ever solo tour were fairly slim.

You’re never going to believe this, but I loved it! The show was entitled Mythology and dove right in with some vintage Brothers Gibb video footage before Barry even hit the stage. Barry entered to an unmistakable beat and started up with a trifecta of Jive Talkin’, You Should be Dancing and Lonely Days. Continue Reading

Billy Joel Concert Review

Billy Joel at the Hollywood Bowl – May 22, 2014

Last month, I had the pleasure of seeing a young, up-and-coming artist make his Hollywood Bowl debut: Billy Joel! A few weeks later, Barry Gibb finished up his all-too-brief Mythology tour at the Bowl. With these two legends in quick succession at my favorite concert venue in the world, let’s just say I was one happy concert-goer. My Billy Joel concert review:

Billy Joel was great. I’ll be honest, I saw him in Anaheim in 2008 and I was absolutely blown away by his energy, showmanship and a set list that seemed to be individually tailored to me. I was not blown away this time around; he just didn’t seem to care as much. Continue Reading…