Hollywood Bowl Upcoming Events

Hollywood Bowl Schedule 2018

All hail the Hollywood Bowl 2018 schedule! Before the season even officially starts, we’ve got some A+ lease events including Paul Simon, James Taylor (not together), Beauty and the Beast in Concert and of course perennial favorite the Playboy Jazz Festival. Hollywood Bowl opening night 2018 features the supreme Diana Ross (see what we did there?). The 4th of July Spectacular stars The Go-Gos, and closing night stars Harry Connick Jr, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! In between there is plenty to love including Andrea Bocelli, Seal, Charlie Wilson, Michael McDonald and YOU KNOW Jennifer Hudson is singing with the whole orchestra! Classical music lovers have the usual dazzling array to choose from including nights devoted to Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn and of course the Tchaikovsky Spectacular that is so incredibly, inexplicably popular every year. And if you love the movies, you are in for a real treat this year! The Bowl has really stepped up their cinematic game with tons of nights showing favorite films with the Bowl orchestra providing the soundtrack. We’ve got Star Wars, Harry Potter and Jaws, just to name a few! The summer singalong is Grease, which is sure to be interesting in this #metoo era. Peruse our Hollywood Bowl 2018 Schedule, then don’t delay- tickets are on sale now!

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  • Hollywood Bowl Picnic Tips

    Picnicking – You Have Less Room Than You Think

    Eating at your seat can be tough. Every year when I attend my first Hollywood Bowl concert of the season I think, "My god, did these benches get smaller?"  It's definitely do-able, but you want to follow our Hollywood Bowl picnic tips. #1: Avoid bringing a big ol' picnic basket or cooler. By Bowl rules, you are allowed to bring a container as big as 15X22X15 inches. If you bring one that big, say bye-bye to your already limited legroom. Our method is to have one person carry a 2-bottle wine carrier and the other person carry a small cooler containing a few small bottles of water, sandwiches and cookies (we're simple people). If you plan to eat at your actual seat, be sure that anything that is difficult and/or noisy to open is open before the show starts. Partly because you don't want to bother those around you, but mostly because you won't be able to see and you don't have a lot of room to maneuver. So make sure the tape is off the sushi container, the wine bottles are uncorked and the Cheetos bag is open before the lights are dimmed. For example, if cheese and crackers are involved, we pre-slice the cheese and have the crackers out of their noisy sleeve and in a plastic baggy or small tupperware.

    Don't forget some napkins, plates (paper or otherwise), cutlery and cups. I've had strangers ask me for cups more times than I can count. I would say don't forget the corkscrew, but you're sure to be surrounded by about a thousand people willing to lend you one. Lastly, be sure to coordinate if you are going with a group. You don't want everyone wasting space bringing the same necessities. Have one person on napkin duty, one person on cups, etc. If you bring moist towlettes, prepare to be hailed as a hero.

    Even though our wine carrier + small cooler method works quite well and allows us enough space at our seats so as to not feel like we are riding coach on a cross country flight instead of enjoying Chris Isaak at an outdoor amphitheater, we have even experimented with bringing stuff in plastic grocery bags so as to maximize our space. It worked out well despite not looking very classy. By the way, when I say "at our seats" I am talking bench seats. All this space talk is irrelevant if you are fortunate enough to have Box seats. Bring whatever you want. Heck, bring your own buffet! You have all the space in the world.

    If attempting to dip your chips in salsa balanced in your lap with a stranger's hip pressed against you while spilling your Prosecco doesn't sound attractive, you can always arrive early and picnic somewhere besides your seats. Your options are plenty, though often quite crowded. There are picnic tables to your left as you approach the Hollywood Bowl on Highland. There are also picnic table areas inside the Bowl on almost every level. People also tend to sprawl out on the (limited) grass or stairs or benches or pretty much anywhere they can find a few inches. Of course, if you are considering dining al groundo, you'll want some sort of picnic blanket.

    What am I forgetting? Any other need-to-know Hollywood Bowl picnic tips?

Hollywood Bowl Schedule 2017

The Hollywood Bowl Schedule 2017 is here, and let’s just say we will be spending A LOT of money on concert tickets this summer! Weekend Spectaculars include Diana Krall, Tony Bennett, Kool and the Gang and of course the annual Tchaikovsky Fireworks Spectacular. The Hollywood Bowl 4th of July 2017 featured artists? Pentatonix! Cinephiles will be delighted to see all the movies accompanied by live orchestra on the schedule, including Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Singin’ In The Rain and TWO Harry Potter flicks! Classical music fans will thrill to a whole lot of Dudamel, along with several nights featuring one composer only. What about Jazz, you say? What about Herbie Hancock, Jill Scott, Mavis Staples and Trombone Shorty, we say! Lease events (AKA you cannot bring your own booze events) include Lionel Richie with Mariah Carey, Queen with Adam Lambert, Jason Mraz, Zac Brown Band and Chance The Rapper. What are we most excited about? The Moody Blues on Hollywood Bowl Opening Night 2017, and The Muppets for the Fireworks Finale! brb, gotta go drain our bank account. What are YOU most excited for on the Hollywood Bowl Schedule 2017?

Hollywood Bowl Schedule 2016

The Hollywood Bowl Schedule 2016 is just about finalized, and it looks like a doozy! Weekend Spectaculars include Diana Ross, Weird Al Yankovic and Culture Club. Classical nights include Mozart, Beethoven and the ever-popular Tchaikovsky fireworks. KCRW’s got a bunch of World bands we are not nearly cool enough to have heard of. And there are a load of great looking Lease Events on the calendar! One night each of Andrea Bocelli, Black Sabbath, Janet Jackson and Dixie Chicks, two nights of Sting and Peter Gabriel (on the same bill!) and David Gilmour, three nights of The Cure. Does the Hollywood Bowl really need THREE nights of The Cure? Apparently so! Of course you can count on the July 4th Spectacular to be something special. 2016 features Chicago! Stay tuned for the rest of the Hollywood Bowl Schedule 2016 as events are announced!

Hollywood Bowl Schedule 2015

The Hollywood Bowl schedule 2015 is already shaping up, and it is looking great! Perennial favorites like the Playboy Jazz Festival and the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular are back. New traditions such as the Sound of Music Sing-a-Long return as well. If you just can’t wait until the 2015 Hollywood Bowl Opening Night on June 20, you can get your fix ahead of time with Lease Events including Lana Del Rey, Neil Diamond and the highly anticipated Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett tour. Did we mention that Smokey Robinson is the July 4th 2015 special guest performer? Ooh, baby baby!

Hollywood Bowl Schedule 2014

As usual, the Hollywood Bowl Upcoming Events for 2014 are an eclectic mix, sure to please every palate. Dig dance music? Check out Robyn and Royksopp. Jonesing for some Jazz? Get your fix from Eliane Elias or Gregory Porter. If you are all about star power, you can’t get much bigger than John Legend or Gladys Knight. Classical music fans will be pleased to see that besides the usual Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi greatest hits, some Mozart deep cuts will be performed by the estimable LA Phil. Of course, we’ve always been partial to the Hollywood Bowl Weekend Spectaculars. No matter which of the Hollywood Bowl Upcoming Events you choose, whether you go to see Hair, Elvis Costello, John Williams or the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Beatles at the Bowl, prepare to leave your chosen Hollywood Bowl concert with a big ol’ smile on your face.