Whatever you do, do NOT park at the actual Bowl.

That is the most essential of all the Hollywood Bowl parking tips I could ever give you. Park at Hollywood and Highland, park at the nice church that doesn’t have stacked parking, or better yet take the subway, a Park and Ride bus or the Hollywood Bowl Shuttle.

Parking at the actual Hollywood Bowl is a traffic-ridden nightmare that will result in possibly hours of waiting for the stacked cars around you to leave post-show. Our Hollywood Bowl Parking tips, in detail:

Hollywood and Highland
Parking is $2 for the first two hours. Four hours, a reasonable amount of time to get to the Bowl, picnic and see a show, will set you back $10. Daily maximum is $15, if Bruce Springsteen ever plays the Bowl. You can either walk the ten minutes to the Bowl or take H&H’s $5 Hollywood Bowl Shuttle. Insider tip: To save time, get your parking validated before the show, and when the show is over exit the back way at Orange Ave.

Hollywood United Methodist Church
Located at Franklin and Highland (6817 Franklin Ave, to be exact) this church is quite near the Hollywood Bowl and offers NON-STACKED parking for $10 or $15. [2016 UPDATE: We have learned that for certain shows, the church charges as much as $20.] Insider tip: there is a lot right next to the church lot that is more expensive AND stacked AND one gets the feeling they don’t mind being confused for the church. So be wary of pulling in too far North.

Street Parking in Hollywood
Stop laughing, it can be done! We were stunned on a recent weeknight trip to the Bowl to see that on some streets, metered parking is free after 6PM. After double and triple checking the signs, we shrugged, walked only about two minutes further than if we had parked at Hollywood and Highland and parked for FREE.

Ride the Subway
Folks coming from the Valley have a great option in parking for free at a Red Line station and taking the Metro to Hollywood and Highland. For folks near other Metro lines, taking the subway is do-able if you switch trains. However, parking may not be as easy-peasy as it is at the Valley stations, thus negating your entire reason for taking the subway in the first place.

Bowl Shuttle, Park and Ride

If the LA Zoo or Ventura and Lankershim is convenient to you, the Bowl Shuttle is a great option. For everyone else, Park and Ride can’t be beat. Check out our Hollywood Bowl Park and Ride Tips.

Anyone have any hot Hollywood Bowl parking tips to share?