Hollywood Bowl Lease Event = No BYOB

Remember, if you attend a Hollywood Bowl “Lease Event,” you CANNOT bring your own booze into the Bowl. Lease Events are almost everything outside of the regular season. For example, the Billy Joel concerts in May 2014 were lease events.

There can even be Lease Events within the summer months of the official Hollywood Bowl season. If a concert listing does not mention the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra or the Los Angeles Philharmonic or the words “presented by the LA Phil,” that’s a pretty big clue that it is a Lease Event. Also if the words “Lease Event” are in the listing, that’s, um, a really big clue. Exceptions to the Lease Event rule are very few. One of them is the annual Playboy Jazz Festival. For some reason, that event is its own jazzy animal and by all accounts, bringing your own beer and wine is allowed. Solid.

A Hollywood Bowl Lease Event means no BYOB wine, no beer, no nothing. We’ve witnessed many an unfortunate soul chugging Champagne or furiously giving away Zimas after being turned away by security. Don’t be one of them! Remember, a Hollywood Bowl Lease Event = No BYOB!

Of course, during lease events, you are more than welcome to purchase alcohol within the confines of the Bowl. Read all about the Hollywood Bowl Food and Drink Options, won’t you?