If You Must Buy Food at the Bowl

If you need to purchase your refreshments, heed the following advice about the Hollywood Bowl food and drink options, culled through years of attending concerts at the Bowl.

One of the great things about the Hollywood Bowl is that you can bring your own food and drinks. Most events allow you the delightful privilege of bringing your own beer and wine. Even during no-BYOB Hollywood Bowl lease events, you can bring in non-alcoholic beverages in re-usable or sealed containers (no glass) and your own eats.But whether you are coming straight from work or you’re running late or whatever the reason, sometimes you need to spend money on some Hollywood Bowl food and drink. If that’s the case, listen up.

Alcoholic libations at the Bowl range from average-concert-venue-overpriced to egregiously overpriced, depending on what you fancy. Beer-wise, I personally prefer the overpriced locally made Golden Road Brewery IPA to the overpriced Heineken. For wine, I can usually find a fairly nice, not horrifically overpriced bottle in the Market Cafe next to the Wine Bar. Be warned, the Market Cafe often has a big line. Also be warned- your cashier is about to unceremoniously dump your carefully chosen vintage into a giant plastic cup with a straw. Don’t worry, they give you some smaller cups, too, if you feel like sharing. For non-alcoholic drinks, remember that you can bring your own sealed water or Gatorade or whatever, as long as it is sized one liter or less. If you failed to bring your own, well…you’ve probably been to a concert or baseball game before, so you know what to expect. You still may want to brace yourself when you see the price of a Coke.

Food options at the Bowl range from typical soft pretzel-hot dog-popcorn type stuff (available on every level) to a few nice Patina-run restaurants to full service waitstaff in the Box seats. I’ve never eaten at the restaurants, and the one time I lived like the other half and had a Garden Box seat, we brought our own chocolate and Champagne buffet (ah, memories). An option I like is the aforementioned Market Cafe, kind of an upscale convenience store with plastic containers of tasty sushi and pasta and whatnot for sale. And if you want a no muss no fuss picnic, you can order a picnic box for two ahead of time from Patina for $69. Your date will love it!

Has anyone come across any good deals on Hollywood Bowl food and drink?