Hollywood Bowl Beatles Tribute Massacred on Twitter 2

Audiences are generally pretty kind at the Hollywood Bowl. Maybe it’s the free flowing BYO wine, maybe it’s the sultry summer evenings, maybe folks just don’t want to admit they wasted $40. Whatever the reason, even lackluster Bowl shows don’t generally garner an outright angry response. Until this weekend.

All summer the Hollywood Bowl has been hyping The Beatles 50th at the Bowl, a Beatles tribute show commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles playing…wait for it…the Hollywood Bowl. For a long time the official description was something like “Ringmaster Dave Stewart plus special guests!” Turns out the special guests were mostly Dave Stewart’s kids, and also Billy Ray Cyrus.

I repeat, a tribute to the most beloved band of all time in the entertainment capital of the world where vast numbers of exceptional musicians reside and/or are in town for the VMAs had, for its all-star lineup, Dave Stewart’s kids and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Except for some stray “Billy Ray Cyrus rocked it” type comments and a few kind tweets for Mary Lambert, Martina McBride and Liv Warfield (whose appearances were all too brief, apparently), the twitter response to the Hollywood Bowl Beatles tribute was fast and furious. We cherry picked a few of our favorite, funniest tweets below.

I think the takeaway here is: you do NOT mess with The Beatles.

Anyone out there go to one of the Hollywood Bowl Beatles tribute shows this weekend? What did you think? Is this cruel yet hilarious collection of tweets a fair representation, or was the show not that bad?

2 thoughts on “Hollywood Bowl Beatles Tribute Massacred on Twitter

  • Leena Dunn

    I went to the Bowl Fri night for the Beatles 50th anniversary and was horrified by what I heard !!! These tweets were almost too kind …. it was the worst show I’ve seen at the Bowl in the over 20 yrs I’ve been going. As a matter of fact, I left early and I’ve NEVER done that ! I’m disgusted and feel ripped off … a total waste of my time and money.

    • RainOrShine Post author

      Dang… I am so sorry to hear that! I am a total Beatles freak, but for some reason I held off on buying a ticket. I guess because they waited so long to announce the guest artists. The whole show sounds so disappointing, I’d be disgusted too!!!

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