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Hollywood Bowl Searchlights

hollywood bowl searchlights fill the night sky

Oh, there you are.

One of my favorite views of the Hollywood Bowl isn’t of the Bowl at all. It’s that moment, after night has fallen, when I look up and see the searchlights fill the sky. (more…)

Top 10 Great Things About a Hollywood Bowl 4th of July

Fireworks light up the Hollywood Bowl 4th of July

Like this, but louder.

How do I love Hollywood Bowl 4th of July? Let me count the ways. Spoiler alert, there’s 10 ways!

10- I love that the crowd goes sincerely nuts for the fireworks.

9- I love looking around to see the servicemen and women stand when the orchestra plays the songs for the different branches of the armed forces. Look at that elderly Army guy! I wonder which war he fought in? Check out that hippie lady! She was in the Coast Guard, who would’ve guessed?

8- I love being chauffeured by Hollywood Bowl Park and Ride from the Westside.

7- I love that no matter who the headliner is for the Hollywood Bowl 4th of July, it’s a perfect fit. John Fogerty? Awesome! Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers? Delightful! Randy Newman? Sure, why not! Okay, I may have skipped the Vince Gil year. But I bet he was great.

6- I love all the over-the-top patriotic outfits and headgear, worn completely without irony. Continue Reading

Hollywood Bowl Beatles Tribute Massacred on Twitter

Audiences are generally pretty kind at the Hollywood Bowl. Maybe it’s the free flowing BYO wine, maybe it’s the sultry summer evenings, maybe folks just don’t want to admit they wasted $40. Whatever the reason, even lackluster Bowl shows don’t generally garner an outright angry response. Until this weekend.

All summer the Hollywood Bowl has been hyping The Beatles 50th at the Bowl, a Beatles tribute show commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles playing…wait for it…the Hollywood Bowl. For a long time the official description was something like “Ringmaster Dave Stewart plus special guests!” Turns out the special guests were mostly Dave Stewart’s kids, and also Billy Ray Cyrus. Continue Reading

Tchaikovsky With Bronfman… Minus Bronfman?

Bronfman and Salonen Cancel July 15 Hollywood Bowl Performance

A few days ago, the Hollywood Bowl quietly announced that July 15’s Tchaikovsky concert featuring Esa-Pekka Salonen and Yefim Bronfman would no longer feature Esa-Pekka Salonen and Yefim Bronfman! Odd.

The unofficial word is that Yefim Bronfman cancelled due to a minor medical procedure he must take care of, and Esa-Pekka Salonen cancelled for “personal reasons.” Apparently those “personal reasons” were quickly resolved, because he is still scheduled to conduct at the Bowl two days later for the Yuja Wang concert. Continue Reading

Bike to the Bowl, Get Free Ice Cream

The Hollywood Bowl is sponsoring its first Bike to the Bowl event this Sunday for the Janelle Monae concert. Participants can take advantage of a free bicycle valet and more importantly, free ice cream!

The ice cream is appropriately being supplied by LA’s own Peddler’s Creamery. I don’t know which flavors they are taking along to the Bowl, but the list of flavors on their website includes Pancake Batter and Mexican Chocolate, and for that they should be commended. Riders can show their bicycle valet ticket for their free scoop. Metro riders get a free scoop too, just show your Tap card! Continue Reading

Barry Gibb Concert Review

Barry Gibb at the Hollywood Bowl – June 4, 2014

red and black sign accompanying barry gibb on his emotional solo tour

It eventually got dark.

A preamble to this highly biased Barry Gibb concert review: I love all things Bee Gees. I love the early stuff. I love the disco years. I love Robin’s quavering tremolo. I love Andy Gibb. I love Barry’s shiny jacket in the video for Stayin’ Alive. I love that Maurice’s name is pronounced “Morris.” I love it ALL. So the chances of me disliking Barry Gibb’s first ever solo tour were fairly slim.

You’re never going to believe this, but I loved it! The show was entitled Mythology and dove right in with some vintage Brothers Gibb video footage before Barry even hit the stage. Barry entered to an unmistakable beat and started up with a trifecta of Jive Talkin’, You Should be Dancing and Lonely Days. Continue Reading

Billy Joel Concert Review

Billy Joel at the Hollywood Bowl – May 22, 2014

Last month, I had the pleasure of seeing a young, up-and-coming artist make his Hollywood Bowl debut: Billy Joel! A few weeks later, Barry Gibb finished up his all-too-brief Mythology tour at the Bowl. With these two legends in quick succession at my favorite concert venue in the world, let’s just say I was one happy concert-goer. My Billy Joel concert review:

Billy Joel was great. I’ll be honest, I saw him in Anaheim in 2008 and I was absolutely blown away by his energy, showmanship and a set list that seemed to be individually tailored to me. I was not blown away this time around; he just didn’t seem to care as much. Continue Reading…