Hollywood Bowl Tips

Our Hollywood Bowl Tips are essential, whether you need help with Hollywood Bowl transportation, parking, picnicking and more. And yes, we finally clear up what a Hollywood Bowl Lease Event is, at long last! Want to know which beer to buy? Curious which Bowl vendor has the best wine? We’ve got you covered.

Whatever you do, do NOT park at the actual Bowl.

That is the most essential of all the Hollywood Bowl parking tips I could ever give you. Park at Hollywood and Highland, park at the nice church that doesn’t have stacked parking, or better yet take the subway, a Park and Ride bus or the Hollywood Bowl Shuttle. Continue reading

Let a Bus Take You to the Bowl

I don’t know what we did before we discovered Hollywood Bowl Park and Ride. The bus fare is reasonable, and they leave everywhere from Chatsworth to Torrance to Arcadia. Not to mention, they let you kick back and drink wine with abandon once you get to the show. It’s a pretty smooth operation, but you can still benefit from our hard-learned Hollywood Bowl Park and Ride tips. Continue reading

Hollywood Bowl Lease Event = No BYOB

Remember, if you attend a Hollywood Bowl “Lease Event,” you CANNOT bring your own booze into the Bowl. Lease Events are almost everything outside of the regular season. For example, the Billy Joel concerts in May 2014 were lease events. Continue reading

Picnicking – You Have Less Room Than You Think

Eating at your seat can be tough. Every year when I attend my first Hollywood Bowl concert of the season I think, “My god, did these benches get smaller?”  It’s definitely do-able, but you want to follow our Hollywood Bowl picnic tips. #1: Avoid bringing a big ol’ picnic basket or cooler.  Continue reading

If You Must Buy Food at the Bowl

If you need to purchase your refreshments, heed the following advice about the Hollywood Bowl food and drink options, culled through years of attending concerts at the Bowl. Continue reading